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As of 31st October 2003, all medical practices had to comply with the Freedom of Information Act  2000 by producing a Publication Scheme. The Scheme makes available information about the practice including the right of patients to have access to their patient records. This scheme is published below.



Welcome to the Woodside Medical General Practitioner’s Publication Scheme. This is a guide to the General Practitioners’ (who practice together) within the partnership /single practice Publication Scheme as required by the Freedom of Information Act 2000.


This Publication Scheme is a complete guide to the information routinely made available to the public by Woodside Medical General Practitioners. It is a description of the information about our General Practitioners and Practice which we make publicly available. It will be reviewed at regular intervals and we will monitor its effectiveness.

How much does it cost?

Some information is available free, but for others there may be a charge. The charges will vary according to how information is made available. [Where information is provided at a cost the charges will be calculated as set out Class 7].

How is the information made available?

The information within each Class is available by e-mail or in hard copy from any member of the practice on request.

Your rights to information

  • In addition to accessing the information identified in the Publication Scheme, you are entitled to request information about Woodside Medical General Practice under the NHS Openness Code 1995.
  • The Freedom of Information Act 2000 recognises that members of the public have the right to know how public services are organised and run, how much they cost and how the decisions are made.
  • From January 1st 2005 it will oblige the General Practice to respond to requests about information that it holds, and is recorded in any format and it will create a right of access to that information. These rights are subject to some exemptions which have to be taken into consideration before deciding what information it can release.
  • New environmental information regulations may be introduced as early as 2003. These will enable similar access to environmental information as under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.   
  • Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you are also entitled to access your clinical records or any other personal information held about you and you can contact the Practice Manager at Woodside Medical Practice to do this.


If you have any comments about the operation of the Publication Scheme, or how we have dealt with your request for information from the Scheme, please write to:

The Practice Manager

Woodside Medical Practice

Wensley Green






All information at the Woodside General Practice  is held, retained and destroyed in accordance with NHS guidelines. Our commitment to publish information excludes any information which can be legitimately withheld under the exemptions set out in the NHS Openness Code or Freedom of Information Act 2000. Where individual Classes are subject to exemptions, the main reasons are e.g. the protection of commercial interests and personal information under the Data Protection Act 1998. This applies to all Classes within the Publication Scheme. The information on this Scheme is grouped into the following broad categories: 

1. Who we are

Woodside Medical Practice is made up of four partners.


Dr I M Donnellan (Male) MBChB MRCGP

Dr D I Adnitt (Male) MBChB DRCOG DoccMed MRCGP

Dr C Hart (Female) MBChB DRCOG MRCGP

The practice adheres to the General Medical Services contract and employs a range of staff, including a practice manager; three practice nurses, a health care assistant, a practice secretary, and reception staff.

2. Our Services

            Details of services provided are listed in the practice leaflet, a copy of

which may be obtained from the practice without charge. Details can also be viewed on the practice website at

The practice is open from 8.30am to 5.45 pm the telephone is manned from 8.00am to 6.00pm.

Outside of normal surgery hours, emergency services are provided by SHROPDOC and NHS Direct at all other times.

Some services may involve information sharing (e.g. child protection conferences) with other agencies, but we adhere to our confidentiality policy, and disclose information only when absolutely necessary.

Some of the Doctors have specialised clinical interests; these include:

Dr Donnellan – diabetes

Dr Hart – Family Planning

Dr Adnitt – Occupational Health

Dr Awty - Therapeutics


3. Financial and funding information

See also the “Statement of Fees and Allowances payable for General Medical Practitioners in England”, which is available on the internet or from HMSO booksellers.

The Woodside Medical Practice receives money from the Telford and Wrekin Primary Care Trust and the Shropshire County Primary Care Trust according to its contract in exchange for services provided for patients.

The total funding received from the NHS before expenses in 2001/2002 was £357,977.00

The sum spent on drugs prescribed by the Woodside Medical Practice in 2001/2002 was £601,451.00.

There may be circumstances where material cannot be released because it is confidential or commercial information or the appropriate officer designated for these purposes under the Act has taken the view that it may be prejudicial to the conduct of the Practice’s affairs.

4. Regular publications and information for the public

Woodside Medical Practice produces a practice leaflet, and updates this as often as is practicable.

5. Complaints

We aim to provide a friendly courteous and efficient service. Although we do our best we accept that sometimes things do go wrong. If you have any problems, complaints, compliments or ideas on how to improve the service please ask to speak to the practice manager. We do have an in house complaints procedure through which we aim to address issues swiftly.

6. Our policies and procedures

General policies and procedures are in use within the practice.In addition to complaints, these include, but are not restricted to, confidentiality and data protection, prescribing and prescription, the NHS zero tolerance on violence and health and safety.

7. This Publication Scheme

In this class we will publish any changes we make to this Publication Scheme, the criteria on which our information management policies are made and a referral point for all enquires regarding information management generally in the Practice. We will also publish any proposed changes or additions to publications already available.

Cost of Information

For the most part, we will charge you only for hard copies or copying onto media (e.g. CD ROM). Some information is available free, but for others there may be a charge. The charges will vary according to how information is made available. Charges are as follows:

[a) Via the General Practice/Primary Care Trust Web Site –Free of charge, although any charges for Internet Service provider and personal printing costs would have to be met by the individual.

For those without Internet access, a single print-out as on the website would be available by post or by personal application to Woodside Medical Practice.

However, requests for multiple printouts, or for archived copies of documents which are no longer accessible or available on the web, may attract larger  charge for the retrieval, photocopy, postage etc. We will let you know the cost and charges that will have to be paid in advance. We will not provide printouts of other organisation’s websites.

b) Leaflets and brochures-free of charge for leaflets or booklets on, for example, services we offer to the public.

c) sending documents via e-mail will attract a nominal charge unless a large volume is involved.

The charges will be reviewed regularly.


Useful Resources

Web sites:

This is the web site of the Information Commissioner

This is the web site of the Lord Chancellor’s Department

This is the NHS Freedom of Information web site

Telford and Wrekin Primary Care Trust web site





Material available through this Publication Scheme is subject to the General Practice’s copyright unless otherwise indicated. Unless expressly indicated to the contrary, it may be reproduced free of charge in any format or medium provided it is done so accurately in a manner which will not mislead. Where items are re-published or copied to others, you must identify the source and acknowledge copyright status. This permit does not extend to third party material, accessed through the scheme. For HMSO Guidance Notes see  

NHS England require that the mean earnings (average pay) for GPs working to deliver NHS services to patients at each practice is publicised, and the required disclosure is shown below. However it should be noted that the prescribed method for calculating earnings is potentially misleading because it takes no account of how much time doctors spend working in the practice and should not be used to form any judgement about GP earnings, nor to make any comparison with any other practice.


All GP practices are required to declare the mean earnings (average pay) for GPs working to deliver NHS services to patients at each practice.

The average pay for GPs working in Woodside Medical Practice in the last financial year 2018/19 was £55,258 before tax and National Insurance.

This is for 2 full-time GPs, 2 part-time GPs and 1 locum GP who worked in the practice for more than 6 months


Patient Participation Group Report

April 2013 to End March 2014

Patient Participation Direct Enhanced Services

Annual Report and Proposed Action

Woodside Medical Practice


Practice Representatives and Authors of Report

Mrs Claire Smith- Assistant Practice Manager


Practice Summary and Profile for PPG

Practice Population Summary

Total Population size      6681






Age Distribution
















Profile of PPG

1 Caucasian male aged between 60-75 yrs                                            Practice Patients

3 Caucasian females between 60-69                                                        Practice Patients

All are registered patients at the practice

No representation from the ethnic groups other than Caucasian.

No representatives of the teenage or young population

One representative is a Director of the Park Lane Centre

One representative is on the Local Housing Committee


The practice has tried to encourage all patients to join by advertising the group internally and externally asking for new members.  The local Park Lane Centre have got involved also trying to encourage younger people and from a variety of back grounds who attend groups held at there.


Woodside is such a diverse community with many different ethnicities and social backgrounds, and with the new estates that have been built and the local enhancements to the aesthetics, has attracted new people to move into the area.  This has lead to more patients registering at the practice.  Unfortunately we have not managed to attract any of them as new members. 

Annual Survey of practice patients

We hold our PPG meetings every 12 weeks (subject to holidays and absences) at the practice.

A representative from our group attends the CCG networking  meetings held with the other PPG members   in the T & W area. These are held every 3 months at a central point in Telford.  Any items brought up in the agenda are discussed, along with any information that is passed on through the network.  Our representative has said she feels that the meetings are very one sided and doesn’t feel they contribute much, not very informative and too formal.   

The minutes from each of our meeting are sent out within 1 week of attending outlining all that is discussed. 

In 2013-2014 some of the priority issues discussed:

The local area and what we can do to encourage new members

111 new out of hours service and its failings.

New CCG – no longer PCT- Implications.

Practice complaints- How many and reasons.

Pressures on A & E and what our practice does to help relieve the pressure.

Late arrivals and non attending patients and what can do to try to educate patients.

CQC compliance and visit.

Identifying new PPG group members and how to target them.

Improvements to the experience of visiting your GP.

Improved communication.

All items were discussed and documented in the minutes of the meeting.  We then try to work out what as a group can be done to help/improve or inform patients so everyone is kept up to date.

If any actions are required we will minute them and they will be followed up in the next meeting with an outcome.


Future plans 2014-2015

·         To try to recruit younger more diverse patients to give a broader view of the service that is offered and what they can do to help and how they can benefit by helping.

·         Continue to have 3 monthly meetings

·         Do an annual survey to see if it can give the practice any more information on how to improve its patient experience.

·         Raising awareness of health campaigns and targeting patients who fall in the criteria.

·         Educating people in the correct service during and out of surgery hours and A&E

·         Looking into all the services we offer and if there is anything else we can to improve the Practice and benefit the local community.

·         Improving the Practice website.

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